Preparing Students for Employability in an Unstable Ever-Changing Global Economy

The unenviable job facing faculty, career service professionals and international educators sending students abroad, is embedded in the title of this post.  We know the world of work is always changing – and within any given four-year period, how is it possible for campuses and their curricular and co-curricular offerings to stay ahead of the local-national-and global economy and the skills necessary for students to succeed upon graduation? Sharma quotes the senior minister of state for education in Singapore who says:  “How []

Latest U.S. Survey on Impacts of Studying Abroad & Linkage to Student Employability

At the recent IIE (Institute for International Education) Generation Study Abroad “Summit” held in Washington, D.C., a research survey report was released: “Gaining an Employment Edge:  The Impact of Study abroad on 21st century Skills and Career Prospects in the United States, 2013-2016.”  The survey is important because of its size – over 4,500 alumni – and scope ( respondents studied abroad between 1999-00 and 2016-17). This Summit was the third sponsored by IIE in support of their initiative to double the []

Complacency, Civic Engagement & Experiential Education…

What do these pedagogies and words have in common?  The answer is DACA.  And a play I saw last night here in DC called “The Arsonists,” written in 1958 by a Swiss writer, Max Frisch and re-named in a translated British production in 2007.  The moral message of the play is this: A complacent and inert citizenry, where fear and reluctance to act, makes them complicit in their own destruction.  Frisch wrote his play as a metaphor to engage his audience in []

Maximize the Impact of International Experience via Purposeful Career Integration on Campus

My colleagues at The Learning Abroad Center on the University of Minnesota campus have announced plans for the third conference on the important and essential topic of career integration to be held in Washington D.C., August 8-10, 2018.  The theme of the 2018 conference, “Leveraging Partnerships,” examines how connections between study abroad and career services professionals can be maximized to help students find success in the job market. Go to (register on this page at  I’ll be tracking the program []


Anthony C. Ogden, PhD, Executive Director of Education Abroad and Exchanges at Michigan State University, has crafted an important resource for all professionals in the education abroad field.  I think it’s also quite relevant for anyone working in any aspect of international education – on and off campus.  I’m very pleased that he has included several of my publications under the category of Career Development & Employability. Readers of my blog know that I’ve been writing on this topic for over a []

My Work Cited in Study of Impact of International Experience on Employability of Chinese Students

I’m very pleased to find my work cited in a new research report issued by the Centre for Global Higher Education in London. An excerpt is at:  International and transnational learning in higher education: a study of students’ career development in China by Ka Ho Mok, Xiao Han, Jin Jiang and Xiaojun Zhang The full report is here: Published by the Centre for Global Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education, London WC1H 0AL © Centre for Global Higher Education 2017

The Destruction of Anbar University & Finding a Pathway to the Future for its Students

I’m just back from the 69th NAFSA: Association of International Educators annual conference in Los Angeles.  It’s my 40th year of membership in NAFSA. My career has circled through many many upheavals on the world stage – and the conference has grown so large (9,700 in attendance from 107 nations) in scope that it’s become a gathering of educators struggling to make sense of war, conflict, and social upheaval in the most complex regions of our world society. One of the most []

Why Shouldn’t Campuses Help Every College Student Obtain a Passport to Graduate?

Have your attention?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this for months, and now that graduation time is upon us (in the U.S.), I thought I’d again throw out this question (which I did raise on my Twitter feed awhile ago)… A recent op-ed in the NY Times (the paper with real news), “Go East, Young American,” caught my attention. NYU professor, Suketu Mehta (an Indo-American writer), described his family’s experience emigrating from India to raise interesting points about why more []

On the Importance of Linking International Experience to Employability-New Essays/New Ideas

Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment (No.2), has just been published by the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center & CAPA. See this volume – and the first one (2014) – at Publications || || Learning Abroad Center.  The two volumes are outcomes of conferences held in 2014 and 2016 bringing together several hundred senior international officers, employers, recruiters, faculty, and education abroad and career service staff.  These are unique dialogues focused on the changing narrative around the value-added of international []

Time for a “New Deal” Between Higher Education & Democratic Capitalism?

I think this new report by Anthony Carnavale, head of the Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce, deserves a wide readership – and so here it is: In his conclusion, he states: “The choice between general and specific education is not a zero-sum game. The economic value of a college education and work training has added a new emphasis to the broader postsecondary mission. In a modern republic, the higher education mission is still to empower individuals to live fully []

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As I read and collected research based and practical literature I came to appreciate and consult the work of a select group of knowledge producers and thought leaders in the field and Marty Tillman remains on this list….

Marty’s Global Career Compass blog is one of the most valuable and thought-provoking resources I subscribe to in the field today and one that should top the list of education abroad professionals across the globe. In addition to his writings, Marty is also an engaging speaker and presenter and I work to arrange my schedule at conferences so that I can attend his sessions.

David Comp, Associate Director, International Programs, University of Chicago Booth School of Business


I came across Martin Tillman’s work regarding the impact of education abroad on career development while conducting my own research toward my doctoral dissertation. I quickly realized that his grounded and highly practical insights and advice would be extremely helpful in my own work as a career counselor at the University of Pennsylvania where I [previously] advised students who are considering or recently returned from study abroad. Upon their return, study abroad participants are almost always quick to say the experience changed them for the better, but they often have difficulty articulating how the knowledge and skills they developed while abroad could prove beneficial in their career development.

I regularly refer students to his “AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development,” which is referenced on [the Penn] website, because it is a comprehensive and accessible resource for helping students recognize the connections between their experiences abroad and their career development while offering specific tips for marketing their experience to prospective employers.

Kelly Cleary

Dean of Career and Professional Advising, Haverford College

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