On equal access to college & employment opportunity

Why write about the fact that white births are falling behind those of non-whites in the U.S.?  http://chronicle.com/blogs/headcount/white-births-no-longer-a-majority-in-u-s/30154?sid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en

I’m afraid the inequality of public education at the K-12 level for poor youths of color has, and will continue to, impact their attainment of further schooling for a long time to come. So the economic impact will be felt as these youths are ill-prepared to enter the workforce in coming decades.  And their numbers in our higher ed institutions will not be equal to their % of the population.

I’ve expressed a concern about unequal access to ed abroad and this demographic story is not a good sign of what lies ahead for our educational institutions and for our society.


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